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We will make sure everything works as you want it to.
We help you design and operate residential projects.
We take on the role everyone „loves“ so much.


We provide comprehensive residential and commercial property management. We carefully select all services associated with the operation of the property based on the individual needs of the owner. For developers, we provide project consultation and legal services associated with the formation and operation of an owners' association.

What can we do for you?
  • Apartment building management in accordance with your individual requirements
  • Optimization of your previously chosen services in accordance with your documentation and established needs
  • Take-over of the management functions from the current service organization(s)
  • Arrange transfers of residential units to individual ownership units as required
  • Arrange all aspects related to the sale and rental of vacant units by our team of brokers
  • Arrange financing for property revitalization and renovation projects
  • Provide development consultations as and where required

Design consultation

Economic and operational project evaluation


Establishment of jvu‘s

Owner declarations, statutes, registrations in commercial registries, etc.


Other services

Drafting and implementation of contracts for services contractors, management and supervision of tender offers, setup of billing and capital tracking systems

Residential buildings

Operational and registration management

Membership records, JVU agendas, setup of billing and capital tracking systems, etc.


Economic administration

Book keeping, tax consultation services, application for available subsidies and grants


Technical administration

Revisions, repairs, renovations, emergency services, etc.

Additional services

Professional chairman

Acting in Chairman role when required to convene and conduct required meetings


Personnel and payroll

Setting up efficient employment relations mandates, including human resources, tax advice, payroll systems implementation


Leases and sales

Arrangement of sales and/or leases of vacant units , management of individual units, etc.