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Measure, measure, measure
22/09 2022 Petra Seková Copy URLShare

Measure, measure, measure

If we want to change anything, we need to know where we stand. To adjust our weight, we write down what we eat and measure our blood sugar levels. To improve our fitness, how far we run, our heart rate, our blood oxygenation, we have smart watches, rings and chips.

Our households are in a similar situation. If we want to look for savings at a time when energy and utility prices are rising, a few tips may help:

1/ Get your contracts in order and find out what tariffs, rates, fixings you have.
2/ Do you know how much energy your household uses when you are not there, when you are sleeping or when you are away for the weekend? Start writing down and measuring and you'll be surprised how much some appliances can draw in stand by mode.
3/ Try using dual electricity rates and set your dishwasher and washing machine on a delayed start to a time when the rate is cheaper.
4/ Make the most of your thermostat. Explore and set modes that correspond to your arrivals, departures and bedtimes so that heating and dimming modes are smooth.
5/ Think about heat leaks and how to address them if necessary. New seals may not be the most expensive item this winter.
Have you evaluated your retirement savings in the past year?
20/05 2022 Lukáš Hubinger

Have you evaluated your retirement savings in the past year?

Pension funds with dynamic strategies gained over 10% last year, with the top four even exceeding 20%.