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At MAHOON we welcome new challenges.
24/10 2022 Jan Blažek Copy URLShare

At MAHOON we welcome new challenges.

We have been given the opportunity to offer for sale a completely unique property - a former farmhouse in Svárov with an incredible genius loci.

We decided to create an original presentation that would highlight the beauty and uniqueness of this property. Our intention was to make a video that would show not only the interior and the extensive grounds, but also the emotions that this house evokes. We wanted to showcase what everyday life on this property can be like.

We approached our experienced production and staging team with this unusual request and got to work. Thanks to our determination and focus, we now have the result on the table and are suitably proud of it. You can judge for yourself how well the video turned out and whether the concept of "breathing life into real estate" appealed to you.