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Real estate tax for 2023
18/01 2023 Eduard Mráz Copy URLShare

Real estate tax for 2023

Did you BUY or SELL property in 2022?

It is necessary to file a real estate tax by 31 January 2023, or notify the tax administrator of this fact in the case of its sale.
The tax return is filed for the tax year 2023 (forward). The obligation to file a tax return applies to taxpayers who acquired (by purchase, donation, inheritance) land, building, apartment or non-residential unit in 2022.

The latest date for subsequent payment of the tax is 31 May.

The local tax authority is based on the property address, not your permanent residence.
Few people like to fill out a tax return. The one you sign up to pay your property tax with at least has the advantage that you only have to fill it in once and then you just get regular money orders or an email from the tax office.

If you don't file a tax return or report the fact of the sale to the tax office, you risk penalties or fines.

If you find it too complicated to calculate the tax or complete the tax return, ask the tax office where your property falls. In most cases, this will give you the information you need quickly and easily. Alternatively, contact the MAHOON team and we will be happy to advise you on how to do this.

Here we attach an article with a more detailed description of the tax directly on the tax authority's website:

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