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Modern gold investing
11/11 2022 Filip Pištora Copy URLShare

Modern gold investing

Gold is one way to preserve the value of assets.

Particularly in times of crisis and uncertainty or market downturns, a larger proportion of investors resort to it and therefore it usually acts as a hedge against market downturns. However, putting money in physical gold has its drawbacks and it is certainly not recommended to hold the bulk of your assets in gold.

For example, the reason why buying physical gold may not always be entirely appropriate is that it is mainly the trader who makes a profit. Prices of physical gold are significantly higher than its market price. Gram bars, for example, are sometimes sold at up to a 50 per cent premium. And you lose a percentage when you buy it back. To make a profit on the physical metal, its price must rise significantly. On top of that, you have to deal with the credibility of the dealers and safe custody.
You can also invest in gold through certificates without physically owning the metal. Buying at market prices is a big advantage.

Gold then acts as a hedge against market turbulence, which was proven at the start of the covid pandemic. Depending on the investor's profile, gold should be represented in the portfolio from 5 to 20 percent. The other parts can be equity, bond or real estate funds that balance each other out.

Want to protect your savings from inflation and appreciate in value? Investments are the way to go. You just need to think it through and set it up well. We'll be happy to help you do that.
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