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Looking back at the past year
27/01 2023 Martin Mašek Copy URLShare

Looking back at the past year

We will remember 2022 in a good way

This is despite the fact that he has given us many challenges and difficult decisions. We have had many small successes and small victories, which in sum have moved us forward again. Some of the big news and successes are worth listing:

1. We completed the second phase of the Apple Hillside project
2. We started construction and preparation of other projects
3. We created the VIP Property and Home Care service
4. We established cooperation with Martin and Veronika
5. We took the presentation of the company to a better level
6. We started to use artificial intelligence to sell the property
7. We processed a record number of deals in both finance and real estate
8. We expanded our non-public real estate listings section

This year, we want to focus on taking care of our existing clients. We are constantly expanding our list of proven partners and soon we intend to introduce our full catalogue of services, which are mainly related to housing and property management. 
Flat tax for 2023
06/01 2023

Flat tax for 2023

At the beginning of 2023, the possibility of registering for the flat-rate tax scheme opens up again.