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An ecosystem of services that look after your financial health and wealth
08/09 2022 Martin Mašek Copy URLShare

An ecosystem of services that look after your financial health and wealth

In everything we do, we always strive to create great added value for our clients. The reward for our work is your trust in the long-term partnership between client and advisor. We believe that such cooperation will ensure success for both parties.

In order to meet all your needs, we continue to expand our range of services. We are moving from a one-time brokerage of financial products and real estate services to the next level of cooperation. We want to bring more convenience to our clients, save them more hassle and better manage and value their assets. We base our value to you on the idea of balance and living a prosperous life, i.e., consistently taking care of your overall health, personal fulfillment and financial fitness. That's why we are expanding our services to include LONG-TERM CARE, or a subscription to our capacity in life planning, estate and financial services. The package will bring you, in particular, our diverse know-how, the time of all the specialists in the team and the professional care we will give you on a regular basis and in the best quality. We will be available whenever you need us and will solve everything you wish. In short, this means that you can solve common problems with us.

Here are the most common ones:
1. I don't understand investing.
2. I don't understand finance.
3. I don't want to deal with tenants.
4. I don't have time to study insurance policies.
5. I can't decide what to do with the spare money.
6. I don't know how to get the best mortgage.
7. I didn't know that MAHOON could help me sell my property.

Does that sound appealing? Sure! It's no use worrying extra and wasting time and money.
Do you want to have everything under one roof and be sure you are well taken care of? Call us!
Non-public real estate offers
08/06 2022 Eduard Mráz

Non-public real estate offers

In the last week we managed to sell two more properties OFF MARKET, i.e. by private offer. This form of property sales is not a myth, but a reality that really makes sense.